Continuing Education Opportunities



Continuing Education Requirements

Individual Learning

Each LPN is required to obtain a minimum of 8 hours of Mandatory Education every licensure year. LPNs can obtain these hours through:

1. Formalized Education

2. Self-Directed Learning

Group Learning & Professional Growth

LPNs can complete the remainder of their CEP hours through optional educational categories

1.Other Learning Resources

2. Nursing Practice Education: Sponsored Activities

3. Nursing Practice Education: Unsponsored Activities 

4. Professional Nursing Participation

5. Preceptorship

6. Professional Growth Plan


For a more detailed description of the CEP system - please click here to view the CEP chart!

Educational Opportunities - Individual Learning

1. Formalized Education

  • Courses related to health care or nursing practice offered by an educational institution/organization recognized by council. Examples include University of Regina, University of Saskatchewan, Athabasca University, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, MacEwan University.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

  • LEAD 201CE - Leadership in Nursing (40 CE Hours)
  • NRSG 252CE - Patient Safety (30 CE Hours)
  • NRSG 253CE - Community Nursing (30 CE Hours)
  • NRSG 254CE - IV Therapy/Blood and Blood Products Completer (15 CE Hours)
  • NRSG 255CE – Nasogastric Tube Insertion Completer (15 CE Hours)
  • NRSG 256CE - Tracheostomy Care Completer for LPNs (15 CE Hours)
  • NURS 227CE - Health Assessment for LPNs (60 CE Hours)
  • CE-4012 - Safe Medication Administration (60 CE Hours)
  • CE-4013 - Mood Disorders (15 CE Hours)
  • CE-4014 - Psychosocial Assessment (15 CE Hours)
  • CE-4016 - Principles of Nursing Practice for Outpatient Procedures (60 CE Hours)
  • CE-4017 - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (15 CE Hours)
  • CE-4018 - Therapeutic Communication Skills (15 CE Hours)
  • CE-4019 - Roles, Responsibilities & Ethics (30 CE Hours)
  • CE-4020 - Care of Patient with Kidney Disease (60 CE Hours)
  • CE-4021 - Care of the Patient with Lower Extremity Wounds (60 CE Hours)
  • CE-4022 - Health Record Documentation for LPNs (15 CE Hours)
  • CE-4025 - Principles and Practices of Foot Care for the LPN (75 CE Hours)
  • CE-4028 - Leadership & Management in Perioperative & MDR (60 CE Hours)

Click to the view Saskatchewan Polytechnic's Continuing Education Course Catalog!


MacEwan University - Centre for Professional Nursing Education

70+ online courses that are various lengths and prices. The course descriptions outline the number of contact hours for each course.

- Click here to view the course catalog


2. Self-Directed Learning

  • Less formalized education offered outside of institutional learning, including online learning modules, acceptable to council

SALPN Endorsed Educational Courses

CCPNR Code of Ethics for LPNs - delivered by Learning LPN (1 CE Hour)

Patient Assessment - delivered by Learning Nurse (1 CE Hour)

"Learning to Learn"- delivered by Learning Nurse (1 CE Hour)

Death, Dying, Grief and Self-Care Training for Healthcare Providers - delivered by Alive in Death (24 CE Hours for all 8 Modules)

Addiction Medicine Diploma - British Columbia Centre for Substance Abuse (16 CE Hours)

The Role of Practitioners in Indigenous Wellness - University of Saskatchewan, College of Medicine (CE Hours TBD)

e-Aerobics Course - Stroke Engine - Heart & Stroke Foundation. Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery (9 CE Hours)

Suicide: Facing the Difficult Topic Together - Empowering Nurses, Instilling Hope in Patients - Mental Health Commission of Canada (CE Hours TBD)


College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA) Self-Study Courses
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Nursing Documentation- CLPNA (avg. 6 CE hours)

Infection Prevention and Control - CLPNA (avg. 8 CE hours)

Anaphylaxis- CLPNA (avg. 8 CE hours)

Pressure Ulcers Treatment - CLPNA (avg. 8 CE hours)

Medication Drug Calculation - CLPNA (avg. 2 CE hours)

Health Assessment - CLPNA (avg. 6 CE hours)

Diagnostic Testing and Lab Values - CLPNA (avg. 8 CE hours)

Medical Language and Terminology - CLPNA (avg. 8 CE hours)

Infusion Therapy - CLPNA (avg. 8 CE hours) - New!

Relational Practice - CLPNA (avg. 8 hours) - New!

Elder Abuse - CLPNA (ang. 8 hours) - New!



AdvancingIn provides up to date, online, and free of charge programs and technology to healthcare professionals across Canada. Their Program Directory has multiple topics to choose from that can be included in the mandatory 8 hours. Any articles, webinars, or audio-visuals will be included in Optional Education - Other Learning Resources.

  - Click here to start your account with AdvancingIn


Lippincott's NursingCenter

Explore over 1300 online Continuing Education courses and journal articles (journal articles are optional education) all at affordable prices!  The course descriptions outline the number of contact hours for each course and journal article.

Click here for the course catalog

700+ online Continuing Education courses, with several courses that are free to complete. The course descriptions outline the number of contact hours for each course.

Click here for the course catalog


ANA Nursing Knowledge Centre

Over a 100 online learning courses and webinars that cover topics related to all facets of nursing. Prices range from $20US - $150US. The course descriptions outline the number of contact hours for each course.

Click here for the course catalog 

NCSBN Online Learning Resources

Delegating Effectively (avg. 4.2 CE Hours)

Diversity: Building Cultural Competence (avg. 6.0 CE Hours)

Documentation: A Critical Aspect of Client Care (avg. 5.4 CE Hours)

End-of-Life Care & Pain Management (avg. 3.0 CE Hours)

Ethics of Nursing Practice (avg. 4.8 CE Hours)

Medication Errors: Detection & Prevention (avg. 4.0 CE Hours)

Patient Privacy (avg. 5.4 CE Hours)

Professional Accountability & Legal Liability for Nurses (avg. 5.4 CE Hours)

Professional Boundaries in Nursing (avg. 3.0 CE Hours)

Righting A Wrong: Ethics & Professionalism in Nursing (avg. 3.0 CE Hours)

Sharpening Critical Thinking Skills (avg. 3.6 CE Hours)

Understanding Substance Use Disorder in Nursing (avg. 4.0 CE Hours)

De Souza Institute

Online nursing specific classes that run for various lengths throughout the year. Prices are related to course length. The course descriptions outline the number of contact hours for each course.

-Click to see current available courses


John Collins Consulting Inc.

John Collins Consulting Inc. - Various Education Modules for Health Service Personnel

Anger and Conflict Resolution in the Workplace (avg. 4 CE hours per week, for 7 weeks)

Augmented LPN Practice (avg. 4 CE hours per week, for 8 weeks)

Client Assessment (avg. 6 CE hours per week, for 12 weeks)

Critical Thinking in Nursing (avg. 3.5 CE hours twice per week, for 6 weeks)

Documentation in Nursing (avg. 4 CE hours per week, for 6 weeks)

Leadership for LPN Practice (avg. 6 CE hours per week, for 12 weeks)

Introduction to Nursing Ethics for Licensed Practical Nurses (avg. 5 CE hours per week, for 6 weeks)

Nursing Clients with Dementia (avg.4 CE hours per week, for 8 weeks)

Professional Boundaries in Nursing (avg. 4 CE hours per week, for 5 weeks)

Professional Communications in Nursing (avg. 4 CE hours per week, for 6 weeks)

Professionalism in Nursing (avg. 4 CE hours per week, for 6 weeks)

Time Management for Nursing Practice (avg. 4 CE hours per week, for 6 weeks)


Educational Opportunities - Group Learning & Professional Growth

1. Other Learning Resources

  • Credible articles, audio-visual or internet sources from a nursing or health related source acceptable to council.

Sample Articles (CE hours are based on time of completion)

Nurses and Addictions: Important information related to substance abuse in nursing -

University of Saskatchewan Continuing Education YouTube Channel - Please Subscribe! 

- Beyond the Flashback: Trauma Informed Care

- Foot Care for Adults

- Introduction to Lower Extremity Wound Pathway

- Optimizing Medication for Older Adults E-learning

- Skin and Wound Care Refresher

- Three Ds of Older Adults: Dementia, Delirium, and Depression

- Unlocking the Mystery of the Diabetic Foot

- Update on Pain E-learning

- Women and HIV

Sergeant Hans Larsen 2016 Professional Development Day Presentation- "Mental Health Considerations for Community Service Providers"

Shift to Safety Initiative

Government of Saskatchewan- Lower Extremity Wound Pathway

Dr. Steven Lewis- 2016 AGM Presentation- "Health Care Regulation: Making it Work in Tomorrow's Health System"

Tuberculosis: What you need to know!

RQHR - Pain Management

A Nurses Guide to Using Social Media- NSCBN

Checklist for Trustees: Misdirected Faxes

Guidelines for the Prevention and Treatment of UTI in Continuing Care Settings

Vital Signs: Elder Abuse Awareness for Healthcare Professionals

Parkinson Society Canada NEWS RELEASE - New Online Tool Trains Doctors to Diagnose & Treat Parkinson's

Information on Elder Abuse Prevention

RESPVideos - Educational Respiratory Online Videos - Presented by Lung Health Institute of Canada & Breath The Lung Association

University of Calgary Health Collections Articles

Patients and Families as Partners in Detecting the Deteriorating Patient Condition - CPSI (1 Hour)

Intradermal Medication Module

Adverse Transfusion Reactions

March 13, 2018 - Antimicrobial Stewardship Program

CPHA Cannabis Resources


Webinars (CE hours are based on time of completion)

ACHIEVE Online Live Webinars

CNA - Cannabis in Canada: Implications for Nursing in a Changing Legal and Health-Care Landscape

CPHA - Cannabinoids 101: Undering the endocannabinoid system
PDF: CPHA Webinar Cannabinoids 101


2. Nursing Practice Education: Sponsored Activities

  • Learning event such as courses, in-services, workshops, conferences/AGM, and semnars sponsored or accredited by a professional organization or association acceptable to council, which may or may not lead to an official certification.

SALPN Events

 SALPN Educational Conference & Annual General Meeting

SALPN Endorsed Conferences & Workshops (CE hours are based on time of completion)

 May 30 & 31, 2018 - Saskatoon & Regina, ACHIEVE - Communication - The Essentials Skills

June 2 & 3, 2018 - Saskatoon, SK - U of S - Choosing Wisely Conference 2018

June 11, 2018 - Saskatoon - Nursing Links - Shock & Sepsis

June 12 & 14, 2018 - Saskatoon & Regina, ACHIEVE - Navigating Difficult Conversations

September 26, 2018 - Regina, SUN - Health Innovation Summit

October - December 2018 - Regina & Saskatoon Workshops - Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute

 3. Nursing Practice Education: Unsponsored Activities

Unsponsored education events, group-based activities such as lunch and learn sessions, employer lead education days, unofficial certifications that are acceptable to the SALPN. If you have a question about an unsponsored activity, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. (CE hours are based on course length).

 4. Professional Nursing Participation

SALPN Council (CE Hours based on meeting length)

LPNs can collect CEP points by serving on the SALPN Council. The Council is composed of LPNs from around the province whose mandate is to govern the workings of the SALPN. The SALPN will notify the membership when there is a vacant Council seat and the steps required to apply.

SALPN Committees (CE Hours based on meeting length)

LPNs can collect CEP points by serving on a SALPN committee. Committees are working groups comprised of LPNs who assist in the SALPN Council and Staff in the various capacities. The SALPN will notify the membership when there is a vacant committee seat and the steps required to apply.

5. Preceptorship

LPNs are encouraged to apply as a preceptor with Saskatchewan Polytechnic. Preceptors assist student LPNs while working through their educational requirements for licensure. For more information or to register as a preceptor please contact Saskatchewan Polytechnic at one of their three locations. (8 CE Hours per week of preceptorship)

Prince Albert Campus:

Karen Ullyott- Program Head

1100 15th Street East Prince Albert, SK  S6V 7S4

Phone:  306-765 1716

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Saskatoon Campus:

Jean Busby- Program Head

107 4th Ave S Saskatoon SK S7K 3R5

Phone: 306-659-3765

Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Regina Campus:

Sherri Rudolph - Program Head

4500 Wascana Parkway

Regina, SK S4P 3A3

Phone: (306)775-7565

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

6. Professional Growth Plan

A Professional Growth Plan (PGP) identifies activities and strategies that will provide you with the opportunity to evaluate your knowledge, skills and performance. A professional self assessment will assist in providing relevant feedback to help facilitate your ability to evaluate your overall competency and performance as they relate to the LPN Standards of Practice. The use of self-assessment enables practitioners to identify previously unperceived or future needs to guide ongoing professional growth. Completion of the PGP is worth 8 claimable hours for LPNs whom practice for 7 or more months. LPNs who hold a practicing license for less than 7 months are not eligible to complete the Professional Growth Plan.


Professional Growth Plan Template

Initial Self-Assessment Template

Initial Manager/Peer Assessment Template

Concluding Self-Assessment Template

Concluding Initial Manager/Peer Assessment Template