SIHL Scholarship

SALPN Scholarships to the Saskatchewan Institute of Health Leadership (SIHL)

The Saskatchewan Institute of Health Leadership (SIHL) is coordinated by the Centre for Continuing Education, University of Regina. The aim of SIHL is to bring together healthcare professionals from all disciplines and all levels to foster leadership potential, skills and the creation of a leadership community that works together to promote, support and sustain good health. 

It is the first of its kind in Canada. Registration is limited to 30 students per course. Successful participants receive a Certificate that attests to mastery of the core competencies.

The SALPN has been involved in SIHL from its inception. Since 2007, the Council has been awarding SIHL Scholarships to practicing LPNs.  The guidelines for awarding the scholarships are:

  • Submission of the SIHL Application Form to the SALPN.
  • A commitment to return for service which may include:
    • running for the SALPN Council
    • sitting on SALPN Committees
    • presenting at a SALPN event
    • volunteering to Coach at future SIHL programs
    • any other mutually agreed to professional activities

Sucessful applicants will be required to submit a testimonial for the SALPN Summer Hand-in-Hand Newsletter and also present their experience at the SALPN AGM or Professional Development Day. 

The scholarship includes the full tuition fee and all reasonable travel and accommodation expenses. Wage replacement is not covered. Application deadline is August 15th, 2016. 

Our past SALPN sponsored graduates are:




Rachel Kennedy - Council
Kathy Ogle - Scholarship
Erin Ward - Scholarship
Irene De Laforest - Staff



Kari Pruden - Council
Pauline Mason - Council
Sherry Husband - Staff


Wrangler Hamm - Council
Bonnie Scrimbitt - Scholarship


Gwen Coburn - Council
Nancy Hanson - Scholarship
Candace Brown - Scholarship
Bernadette Mooney - Scholarship


Janice Wagner - Council
Stephanie Kavas - Staff
Kayla Nichols - Scholarship
Kathleen Gessner - Scholarship


Barbara Lindsay - Scholarship
Sabrina Fullawka - Scholarship
Della Bartzen - Staff


For information on the SIHL program click on the below link: 

For further information on the SALPN scholarship to SIHL please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..